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Welcome to Megs Aussie Milk Bar

What is a Milk Bar?

A milk bar is traditionally a suburban social venue and snack bar that sold light refreshments, fresh sandwiches, hamburgers, milkshakes, meat pies, various sweets, groceries and newspapers. The traditional Australian milk bar enjoyed it’s heyday during the 1940’s-1980’s, much like the American Diner. The milk bar as a social venue was gradually replaced by fast food franchises, though they are still found in many areas, often serving as a local corner or convenience store. 

Come down and enjoy one of our delicious Meat Pies. Savory hand held pies, locally made with a crisp flaky pastry crust and notrans fats. All natural ingredients, vegetarian fed meat with no added hormones orantibiotics.

Enjoy the summer with a Cold Brewed Cappuccino. This drink is brewed with Empire Coffee. Perfect for a stroll to the beach, a walk down Thames or just to cool down and enjoy your summer.

Megs’ Milk Bar has now partnered with Black Bird Farm in Smithfield Rhode Island At Black Bird farms their Black Angus cows are known for their genetic quality and are pasture raised. We now make our own beef patties and bacon with beef and pork from Black Bird Farm Rhode Island for the Burger w/ The Lot. Cured & prepared in house by Megs & Dan.